Light up my life

Here’s a picture of the many and various birds that live in my tiny garden. Ok, I might be exaggerating slightly regarding the species. However, given that it’s a very small garden, I do have an amazing number of visitors: blackbirds, jays, pigeons, a small flock of starlings and a reasonably sized flock of sparrows. The latter two might not be rare but the smaller varieties are increasingly endangered due to the proliferation of mutant magpies. I’ve had a Sparrow Hawk out there too.

All of this is due to the fact that, for the last five years, I’ve been lucky enough to live on the edge of Lytchett Bay Nature Reserve. The best part of this privilege is lying in bed with the window open listening to passing owls just after the late night shipping forecast has been delivered on Radio 4. The second best part is being woken by the dawn chorus…just before the early morning shipping forecast lulls me back into a peaceful doze prior to getting up for work. No need for clocks and alarms in this house.

Well, this was the case before the powers that be decided to exchange our unobtrusive low level lighting for monsters that wouldn’t be out of place in a remake of War of the Worlds.

There’s constant ‘daylight’ around here. The owls have disappeared. The dawn chorus, in their confusion, begin their welcome to the new day at around 8pm. And, owing to the light pollution, there are few stars to be seen. I could be in the centre of Bournemouth. What sad injustice reigns at the hands of unknown ‘suits’.

Constant communication with County Hall has resulted in the promise of a man coming to stand with his equipment in my bedroom with the lights off. Best offer I’ve had in a long time.

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