At the country park

After a week of clammy mists, we finally awoke to a day bitter enough to terrify even the most determined of flu germs into submission. A day to avoid the icy winds blowing onto the beach from Siberian reaches and head off into the sunshine of the sheltered hinterlands: Upton Country Park.



This is one of those blogs that doesn’t really require much commentary from the author as the pictures of what’s on our doorstep tell the story.




Here’s the artwork inside the bird hide showing us what the children of years three and four from Turlin Moor Community School saw when they paid a visit.



And here’s the view today as I sat awhile to enjoy our little spot of Dorset bliss. The tide was out and the fierce wind was ripping the leaves from the trees but the brilliant sun still shone with fortitude upon the water that was left, illuminating fifty shades of green: mosses, lichens, grasses and water plants.


The Weymouth train crosses the distant bridge on its way to another world called Waterloo. It might as well be going to Hogwarts for all I know or care. I’m too busy watching a Little Egret standing alongside a huddle of Canada Geese who have pitched up on a sandbank, wrapped in their winter coats. I estimate another hundred unidentifiable birds are out there taking in the afternoon sun on the water.


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One Response to At the country park

  1. morethansomewhat says:

    Super pictures: like the children’s art. Nice to see you had the sun too.

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