Upton Veterinary Centre

Off to purchase some red wine on a dark, cold and windy evening, I passed by the welcoming lights of the vet’s practice in Moorland Way. Sadly, I no longer possess a pet and have no desire to be the owner of an animal that requires medical treatment. However, it’s always fascinating to visit a veterinary surgery. My last experience was in the south of France where my trip, accompanying a friend for her cats’ annual vaccinations, coincided with the pre-hunting season: the place was full of boisterous Springer Spaniels awaiting their check-ups. It was very exciting.

Back at Moorland Way, I met Harry, a Tri-coloured Lancashire Heeler, bred to nip the ankles of cattle. Harry, a rescue dog, didn’t really look like an ankle-nipper to me. Gemma had brought him along after he’d sustained a paw injury by inadvertently standing on a conker shell. Poor Harry.





Also in attendance was Shola, a thirteen years old English Pointer who suffers with a bad back. Shola, who was being comforted by Adrian, doesn’t like the vet and shakes like an autumnal leaf before treatment.

I can’t imagine it’s anything personal as Sue, the locum on duty, is delightful. I think it must be like humans and hospitals…that rather intimidating smell of disinfectant destroys all usual scents.

Our receptionist, Ellie, was keen to point out that all the usual staff were absent due to half-term holidays. Well, they can rest easy because, even without a pet, this surgery is such a lovely place in which to spend half an hour. Ellie, who normally works at the partnership branch in Wareham, was so kind and informative. She’s been a veterinary assistant for seven years and told me that there’s been a vet’s practice in Upton for over thirty years.

Meanwhile, Sue rushed upstairs to collect Chocolate, the resident cat, in order that I could have a variety of animals to photograph. Whilst I returned to my car to collect leaflets about Upton Eyes, Gemma took it upon herself to take photos of Sue and Chocolate. I’m not sure that the cat was impressed but cats are rarely impressed with anything much.

The more I write this blog, the more I’m impressed by what Upton offers its residents. Here we are, minding our own business down by the water, with hardly a need to step outside the community.

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2 Responses to Upton Veterinary Centre

  1. Gemma says:

    Ere, I thought my photography skills were excellent! Hehe! Poor Harry has been back to the vet this week…now kennel cough :o(

  2. readersaurus says:

    Poor old Harry. I think I’ve had that kennel cough:)

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