You don’t have to be lonely

Here’s Paula Peck who is as lovely as she looks.

Paula is the chairperson of the Young at Heart Club but before I tell you more, she insists that you understand nothing could be accomplished without the help of June, Ann, Lindsay and Chris.


Way back in 2000, the local Darby & Joan club, which had existed in Upton for over forty years, was about to close down because there was no-one to run it. Paula was asked if she could take it over. She tells me she was very scared of the responsibility but agreed to take control with the help of husband, Ray, if she was allowed to update the club for the new millenium: hence, goodbye Darby & Joan…bring on the Young at Heart.

Currently, there are about 45 members who benefit from Paula’s view that you don’t have to be lonely. Paula secured regular funding from the Turbary Trust who, she says, are a really helpful concern. From time to time, extra funding also comes their way from the local council, from Age Concern and from other sources who want to help this non-profit making enterprise.

With this money, Paula is able to rent a mini-bus for the twice monthly meetings in order to collect folk who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend the wonderful variety of entertainment that she organises. Here’s a selection of forthcoming events:

10 December: a Christmas Dinner outing to Bashley

10 January: Union Square Barbershop Choir

14 February: Valentine’s Tea with the Woodbury Singers

The list is endless. Further, each year a week’s holiday in Devon or on the Isle of Wight  is available to those who couldn’t otherwise have a break away. This is done in tandem with Age Concern, the council and others who subsidise the coach, the accommodation and pay for two carers to travel and stay with the party. Excellent!

So now, pay attention please. There are still four places available for the outing to Bashley which will be an all day event with an old time musical show. If you would like to go, or if you would like to join the Young at Heart Club or have friends and relatives who might be interested, please phone Paula on 01202 623712.

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