In between the rain

Somebody said it was going to rain…again. It seemed like a good idea in yesterday’s sunshine to go and have a look at the water  whilst the way was still clear. Good job I had the faithful wellies in the car boot.

Looking for one type of water involved circumnavigating another type. These are  pictures of the footpath.

I almost gave up at this point. It was impossible to guess how deep the water might be. I was minded of a time some years ago when, taking an ill-advised walk at Stanpit Marsh, I returned home minus one piece of footwear. At least there were people around to snigger then. Yesterday, I was alone in the woods wondering how long it would take for someone to notice I was missing in action should I become stuck. Really, what was the point?

Here’s the point of it all. Finally emerging onto the wetlands that border our lovely location, I was quite taken aback by the calm. Just me and a few startled birds.

If I might be so bold…take nothing for granted. Go and have another look. It doesn’t matter how many times I see this, I never fail to be overwhelmed by what’s on our doorsteps in Upton.


Then rush back indoors before it starts raining again.

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One Response to In between the rain

  1. Enjoyed the scenery. Don’t forget to remind your readers to click on the pictures to see them enlarged in all their glory.

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