The great and the good

What’s going on here then?

Well, the great and the good gathered in Upton Library today to listen to Councillor Fred Drane welcome everyone to the launch of The Lady in the Red Anorak and Other Stories

Finally, it was the birth of Adrian Ford’s love child. After a year in which this beautifully produced anthology has taken over the editor’s life, F4UL and assorted authors and guests were stunned and proud by the professional quality that Adrian has imposed on this, the result of a writing competiton.

Here’s Mike Lawrence who wrote the story from which the book claims its title. Mike writes a lot of short stories and has won the Morely Writing Prize. This, however, is his first inclusion in a published volume.

And this is Richard Nicholson who’s story, The Ferryman’s Wife, won first prize in the original competition. I was particularly pleased to see Richard as he identified Upton Eyes as being a fellow participant at a recent literary event in Bridport. Luckily, we’ve both moved on since those days on the dark side.

 This is Sharon Meiring Jones who was kind enough to introduce me as an established and experienced writer. It’s a euphimism for aged. I’m having a lot of trouble matching my photos to my notes Sharon whilst simulateously holding a glass of wine and looking for my spectacles. I am very envious of this young woman who has been brave enough to forego the temptations of ‘other work’ and is already a professional writer with a publisher waiting for her novel to be completed. Sharon’s story is Whisky Angel.

Here’s Caroline Hall from Poole who wrote Forever Autumn. Hang on, is that Justin Hayward I can hear? Caroline is a member of a writing group in Kinson and this is her first published story. Write on Caroline!

And this, dear reader, is the delightful Barbara, a local artist who designed the cover of the book. Barbara is one of those people who plays a massive part in building the Upton community and subsequently hides in the background. She wouldn’t even let Fred introduce her! Well, I’m extremely grateful; not just because she gave F4UL her picture of a girl in a red anorak with Upton Country House in the background, but also because she was kind enough to let me take her photo and include it on the blog.

Amongst many others I would like to thank is Jan Cooke, a local childminder who encouraged all six of the small people she looks after to write a story.

Special thanks to Jean from F4UL who did all the editing and massive congratulations to our hero, Adrian Ford, who has worked tirelessly to produce something outstanding for our community AND give writers the opportunity to be published.

Copies of The Lady in the Red Anorak and Other Stories can be purchased for £4.99 from the library, from Amazon, from Gullivers bookshop in Wimborne and from independent bookshops further afield in Lyme Regis. Superb!

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3 Responses to The great and the good

  1. Have ordered a copy of Lady in the Red Anorak from Amazon who advise that title had not yet been released and will be available after 24 December.

  2. hibernianfc says:

    Dear UptonEyes; Please note the title of the anthology is Lady in the Red Anorak and Other Stories. (ref. the last para of your excellent blog).

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