The long and winding road

The first posting on Upton Eyes was just over five weeks ago on 22nd October at a time when I was incapacitated by the flu. Since then, it seems to have rained non-stop. More years ago than I can count, I stopped in an horrendous downpour at The George in Longbridge Deverill. An ancient being was hanging around looking for someone to buy him a glass of apple flavoured fizz and a packet of crisps…those with the little blue bag of salt. The conversation went something like this:

Me. Now then my good fellow.

Him. After the war, they said ‘what we need now is a drop of rain. It hasn’t ******* well stopped since.’

Me. Move along please.

What was intended to be a temporary form of entertainment and, optimistically, to be a means of communication for the community has, fortuitously, started to take on a life of its own. I’ve discovered more about Upton in the last few weeks than I ever knew in the four previous years that I’ve been a resident here. Better still, people are starting to write comments on the blog and one unidentified being has put Upton Eyes on Twitter. So, time for a few updates.

On 25th October, I wrote describing how the new street lighting which meant it was always midsummer’s day in my bedroom had intruded on my well-being. If you look at the photo on the left you will see that a certain amount of fortitude has prevailed: it’s still there but at least it’s now semi-covered. The lighting contractor agreed it was more than twice the brightness it should be AND was placed too close to the properties. This is an interim solution until December when all the lights will be turned off owing to the fact that DCC can’t afford to leave them on. I’m saying nothing. For the time being.

On 31st October, I wrote a piece about that delightful venue, the Upton Veterinary Centre (I always have to check my spelling with that one). Gemma, whose photo I displayed, writes to say that, unfortunately, Harry, that ankle biting Lancashire Heeler, has had to make a return visit owing to Kennel Cough. I know how you feel Harry: I’ve had that for the last month.

On 2nd November, I wrote about the potential demise of Upton Home Hardware. Pauline & Becky report that, as far as they know, (and they know a lot), no-one has yet purchased the place and they’re carrying on as per…Just as well as they’ve got my duvet in for laundering, plus I’ve got first baggsies for that lovely illuminated polar bear. See you Friday, ladies.

Then there was that random photo of the pigeon shed on 24th November. A follower from far afield commented that I should look for Pete Holloway who had flown a winning bird from the coop at Upton. I had a look at the link he kindly sent but couldn’t make head nor tail of it as it was written in pigeon English. I would’ve included a photo of Pete but I don’t have his permission. So, if you know…

Finally, I’ve had great interest in Upton Eyes from  two sources that do excellent work for our community and I’m happy to give you the means to link into them.

They are Friends for Upton Library and the Beacon Project

Please continue to support this blog and don’t forget…Upton Eyes – are you being watched?

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One Response to The long and winding road

  1. Ladies of Hanwell says:

    Am loving the Upton Eye and although enjoying it from the West of London, and am an occasional visitor to Upton – I definitely feel part of the community. Good to get an update on the light pollution too!

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