Thwarted…good & bad

Followers will know that I like to start with a picture…perhaps one of the swimming costume that I forgot to take to the pool on the way home from work today. Well, not to worry because the late afternoon was of the sort that makes one wish for a more permanent return of the English seasons: crisp with a coldness that was counteracted by a brilliant low sun. Back to the water then. (By the way, if you click on the photos, you can see them in more detail).

It might have stopped raining but the way was far trickier than last week. In fact, even your intrepid Upton explorer didn’t attempt this which, sadly was the only way to follow the path around the other side of the water where the more resistant wildlife hang out.


Well, I can take another path even if it is one previously trod only by deer. I like deer. I didn’t like the sound of whatever was making a huge and threatening noise behind me. No point going for a nice walk and spending the time looking over your shoulder. Still, I’m bound to see some nice things to write about.

Like this.



Or this.



Or this. What is that?



Or this?



Or, teased by something I can glimpse over the tops of the marsh reed that are now taller than I am, I could press on into the dying afternoon….


…and see THIS




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