Before the rain came

DSCF4031 Looking at the blue sky, it’s difficult to believe that this was only yesterday. Thank goodness for a job where, at this time of year, it’s possible to forego the office and make the most of a winter afternoon at Upton Country Park. And it seemed as if the wildlife had the same idea: plenty of it to be seen but most of it too quick to be captured on camera.


I was searching for a few sprigs of holly replete with berries. Pretty much a lost cause. I don’t know whether this means a) it’s not going to be a hard winter; b) it is going to be a hard winter and all the berries have been eaten; or c) someone got there before me. The only thing in abundance was cyclists, all imitating Wiggins, pedalling furiously; although Wiggins always seems a happie chappie whilst ne’er a festive smile was to be seen in our locale. Not to worry.


That looks like a nice place to sit. Actually, you’re lucky if you can access this pew. There’s always a couple stood here with their binoculars having staked their claim, also devoid of a friendly face. I wandered further along, clutching my secateurs and empty holly bag, continuing my literally fruitless search.


 By the time I’d got back, they’d disappeared so I took my turn. Not too difficult to see why they’d been reluctant to leave. The Canada Geese were resting there earlier but now the graceful heron had joined them to watch the dying afternoon. On the way back, I met a lady with a very friendly dog and shared the heron news with her. She was happy.


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