DSCF4180Here’s Bertha and Pam, a couple of regulars from the Young at Heart group who were down at the community centre today for the table-top and cake sale. I know they won’t mind me telling you that they’re both 83 years young and have been coming to the club for over twenty years.

Pam moved to Upton from Luton in 1963. She and her husband spent a holiday in the area and loved it so much that when the opportunity to move here presented itself, they jumped at the chance. Bertha, meanwhile, has lived here for forty years after migrating from Manchester. And who’s that lurking in the background?



Oh, it’s Joan, a relative newcomer who only arrived in town in 1989 having moved from Crayford in Kent. She much prefers life in Upton where, she says, people are far more friendly. These three also enjoy going to the Day Centre at Lytchett on a Monday, particularly as they always serve a good dinner.


Just as well Rose has sat at their table. It’s Rose’s first day at Young at Heart today. She’s 88 and looks fantastic – can you tell she’s just had her hair done? Rose, from Hertfordshire, has only been here two years and doesn’t know many folk. Well, she will after today.




This is Chris who, at 27 years of age, really is young at heart and has lived in Upton all of his life. It’s peaceful, he says. He’s here to help with the tables, chairs and coffees and to keep his eye on Pam who’s his nan. Chris told me that when he wins the lottery, he’s going to start his own business running medieval themed holidays. Different.




And as for this bunch of reprobates…

From left to right we have Annie, Lindsay and June. They’ve been helping out at Young at Heart for so long that they nearly had a difference of opinion on the exact number of years. They make all the cakes, jams and marmalades and generally do a splendid job. June was particularly keen to make sure I knew they were not averse to a spot of dressing up when duty calls: easter bunnies, fallen fairies and witches to name but a few examples. Along with Chris, these good folk support the lovely Paula Peck who we met in an earlier post and make this a happy place for the young at heart.



supporting the lovely Paula Peck who we met in an earlier post.

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