The Allotment Association


Regular readers will know that Upton Eyes loves allotments. I have no knowledge of all things horticultural and no desire to lease an allotment, but their history and micro-culture is a joy. So, I was really pleased when Lynn invited me back again to see what’s been happening lately.


DSCF4225They’ve got a cabin now. You won’t be surprised to hear this is the result of yet another successful bid for a lottery grant. (There are certain people in Upton who could run a nice little sideline as grant advisors). Anyway, the new cabin was officially opened last July by Annette Brooke. It’s used for committee meetings and storing brilliant allotment-type equipment that can be hired for the princely sum of £1 per hour. They also let the brownies use it. Incidentally, they bought the brownies a brand new wheelbarrow, since when their plot has improved massively.


The remainder of the lottery money was spent on secure locks for the allotments and three storage areas for manure. Currently, this comes from Holton Heath but I’m reliably informed that the waste emanating from French’s Farm has matured appropriately and is much better than previously.




Here’s a few of those responsible for the upgrade in quality. Lovely view from the allotments.





And here’s Lynn with husband Mike and new plot tenant Geoff who only had to wait 18 months to get a foothold.





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