Upton in Bloom celebration evening

DSCF4223Last night the Upton in Bloom society hosted a celebration evening at the community centre; and very interesting it was too.

Lynn Wright enlightened many of us to the events and accomplishments of the last year and those forthcoming. Well, she enlightened me: poor old Upton Eyes, always a bit slow on the uptake, thought it merely concerned those lovely flower beds that make the place so attractive. But, it seems, there’s a lot more that this hard-working group of folk are responsible for. So, in no particular order…

…we learned of the success of the third horticultural show and of the fourth, already in the planning to hopefully be held on 7th September. Then there was the Jubilee Garden and the engraving of the plaque paid for by yet another grant that Upton is so successful in acquiring.

The society also gained a lottery grant to upgrade the ground at Davenport Close – now known as Meadow Garden and a grant from Vindor to finance the new walkway at Lytchett Bay View. (I’m not sure that those last details are correct: the only Vindor I can find produces something that claims to ensnare the legs of enemies. Better take care when crossing that walkway).

A very exciting project planned for this year is the commencement of the planting of an avenue of trees. Lord Rockley and the Turbary Trust have jointly donated £900 for this so we’re just waiting on the Highways and Byways crowd to give the thumbs up.

After all the news, the presentations were made. These included Certificates of Excellence for the work of such groups as Yarrell’s School, Upton Infants School, South Lytchett Camping & Caravan Park, The Beacon Project and the Keep Upton Tidy Group. There were also Pride in Your Patch certificates for individuals and couples who have gone the extra mile to make their gardens attractive.

Upton Eyes is very sorry not to have mentioned all the news and all the winners. I was even sorrier to have arrived at the event only to discover that the battery to my camera was still charging at home! I’m very grateful to June Richards who not only hosted the evening but also sent me her photographs. See if you can spot yourself. (You’ll need to click on the photos to make them larger)

pr11                                                                     pr2pr10pr3




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