Ask not what Upton can do for you…

… just open your eyes!

DSCF4455It’s true that Upton Eyes has been a bit quiet lately. I like to think of it as losing the muse. Others might call it sulking. This writing business is a tricky thing: it’s bad enough choosing a lonely occupation but when it’s cold and wet and dismal and you think no-one’s reading your work anyway – well, what’s the point?



Not only that, I’ve been otherwise occupied proof reading a Masters thesis on advanced computing written by a Chinese person with limited written English skills. In all fairness, his English is better than my Chinese but it’s still enough to make a person want to watch paint dry for a laugh.




Speaking of which, Upton Eyes has also been busy applying copious amounts of red paint to a bargain patio set recently purchased from that first class emporium, eBay; and refurbishing various wooden ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ bought at local boot sales after careful negotiation.






Anyway, two things occurred which have nudged Upton Eyes back towards the writing machine. First, there have been a number of missives from local author, Adrian Ford, who has published a new book of poetry & prose called ‘Vapour Trails’ as a paperback and also on Kindle via Amazon. Adrian’s such a fervent supporter of the blog that guilt kicked in.





Secondly, Upton Eyes was driving home from the day job today and spotted an infamous local councillor doing his reknowned David Bailey impression close to some of these fantastic flower beds that various altruistic Uptonites have gently reared for your delectation. It’s no good Ron, that false beard doesn’t fool me.





So, inspired by these two stalwarts of our community, and the lovely flower displays that you can see from your place in the tea-time traffic jam at the roundabouts, Upton Eyes felt it only right and proper to make a bit of an effort.



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4 Responses to Ask not what Upton can do for you…

  1. The floral displays deserve a mention in appreciation of the work the ‘floralists’ have put in for the great pleasure of people, many of whom they have never even met.

  2. rburns says:

    Brian’s annual triumph…

  3. hibernianfc says:

    Beautiful displays – and superb photography!

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