All the fun of…


There was rather a lot of country type stuff going on over at Upton Country Park at the weekend. Animals of one breed or another featured prominently during this spell of fine weather. Click on the photos and see if you can spot anyone you know.




On the right is a well-trained gun dog who’s spotted someone or something of interest in the audience.

Below, are another three specimens preparing for that popular game, rope-spinning dogs. Get ready – they’ll be up in the air any minute.








In this interesting Dorset game parents make their offspring chase terriers along two pieces of rope. The winner gets that orange cone for a prize DSCF4895







While the older ones are occupied elsewhere, some folk try to make off with baby cars that they’ve camouflaged with spare a piece of turf. Looks like she’s already managed to fit the matching scooter in her bag. But she doesn’t know that lot behind have got her number.



This chap’s so bored he’s propped himself against a horse and is considering a nap. Or has he spotted a more interesting breed?

Oh yes – that could be it. Looks as if that woman was apprehended: the baby car’s been dumped




A small but hopeful group rested awhile under the impression that Punch & Judy might appear after the bloke doing the audition for the new Doctor Who stopped practising his script


This was my favourite. What do you think’s going on here?

DSCF4888Yes, you’re right. It’s that old favourite –

‘Let’s abuse a ferret’.



You know how it goes:

First of all you walk around and swing them about in the air for a bit. Then you shake them around, rub them up the wrong way, roll them in the grass and finally force them down tubes. The first one to escape into the crowd and nip an ankle is the winner





Had enough animals? Time to pay that fella in the blue shirt a fiver to tie your kids to the human catapult while you scurry off to the beer tent. Something for everyone at the country fair.DSCF4885

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