About the author

Inspired by The Gentle Author’s beautiful blog about Spitalfields Life, and struck down by a dreadful case of flu, I decided to try to build a blog that reflects life in Upton. To do this, I need stories from local residents.

I am a published writer and a professional teacher of writing skills at Bournemouth University where I manage another blog for the Additional Learning Support unit http://levelplayingfields.wordpress.com/

If you would like to be included in Upton Eyes,  please email me at aligreen52@hotmail.com This is, of course, a free service. I only ask that you will allow me to include a photograph.

You can also use this email address if you are interested in attending or holding a writing workshop or require a proofreading service at a competitive rate



2 Responses to About the author

  1. Gemma says:

    Hi Ali,
    How do I post a ‘blog’ or ‘topic’?


  2. readersaurus says:

    Hi Gemma, send me whatever you want in a word doc by email and I’ll post it for you aligreen52@hotmail.com

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